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Abenaki Nation of the Missisquoi

Swanton Recreation does not operate the Abenaki Nation of the Missisquoi. It is posted on the site as an informational resource.

It is the mission of the Abenaki Nation at Missisquoi to engage in efforts which will promote and sustain a strong, healthy, and united community for the members of the Abenaki Nation. It is further the Abenaki Nation of the Missisquoi's purpose to improve the quality of life for the tribal members they serve by identifying, addressing, and working to decrease gaps in service and treatment across the spectrums of health, human, and social services.

Phone: (802) 868-6255 for food pantry and general questions
(802) 868-2559 for Tribal Card application updates and questions.

Links:  Abenaki Nation of the Missisquoi Website