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General Forms
  • Post Program/Event Feedback Form We value your input! We are so glad you joined us for a program or event! Your feedback is important to helping us grow!

  • Program Proposal Form We are looking for independent instructors to lead dance, fitness, art, music, cooking, crafts, DIY classes or any other subject that will enrich, engage and educate our community. Programs can be held during the day, afternoon, or early evening hours. If you are interested, please fill out the form and contact us to schedule a program consultation with our specialist.

  • Incident Form Unusual events happen, to make sure we get all the information we need to please fill out this form and return it to Swanton Recreation Staff

Scholarship Application
  • THE CHAUNCEY B. WARNER ENDOWMENT APPLICATION http://www.warnerhomeforlittlewanderers.org/about.html Grants are available for any child who is a Franklin County youth under the age of 21 whose family income meets the Warner Home's low income financial eligibility requirements. Forms must be filed out completely and signed by a parent or legal guardian. The grant statement will be sent back to the parent or legal guardian of a child indicating approval or disapproval of the request. If approved, the parent or legal guardian should give a copy of the grant statement to the provider of services. The provider will bill the Warner Home directly for services. Payment of bills will not be made to the parent or legal guardian. Examples of approved activities: swim lessons, sports, music, crafts, dance, workshops/clinics, lessons, extracurricular clubs, marshal arts, etc.

Equipment Sign Out
  • Kayak Liability and Release Form Get ready to explore our beautiful water ways! Kayak Rental deposit $20 cash/check

  • Recreation Equipment Request Form Use this form to request to use our equipment from lawn games to youth athletic equipment (Baseball, Soccer, Field Hockey, Basketball) and anything else you might need to borrow

  • Snow Shoe Sign Out Get ready for your snow day in advance, and fill out this form to sign out Snow Shoes with us!

Employment/ Volunteer
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